Pharmacy Management System (GST Enabled)

image GeniPulse Technologies is the market leader in Pharmacy Management System which is very efficient for Pharmacy Shops.

It has ready to use features which makes it very suitable for fastest implementation. It is Designed by people with domain expertise and business experience.

It manages purchase, sale and stocking of drugs / medical consumables with complete analysis of sale and purchase ledgers.

  • User Master
  • Product Master
  • Unit Master
  • Patient Registration
  • Use Rights
  • Sales / Inventory / Drug database
  • International Standards Extensive Drug Database
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface
  • Integrated and Robust design
  • Reduces the dependency of skilled manpower totally as any person can do the billing.
  • Report Export facility to Word,PDF, excel etc.
  • The billing is done at a greater speed thus reducing the billing time substantially.
  • Add-Edit Consultant
  • Turn Around time of Sale
  • Cash Collection and Billing Facility
  • Integrated Accounts Module
  • Short Cut key for fast Data Entry
  • Fast Patient Search
  • LAN connectivity, Any user can operate from any terminal.
  • Shorter learning curve for the Employees
  • Daily Cashbook
  • Use Rights
  • Automated Backup Restore facility
  • Accounts receivable
  • Bankbook
  • Accounts payable
  • Analysis of quantity and value of stocks
  • Stock Reconcilation
  • Integrated Accounting
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Video Tutorial
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    Step by step process for creating Purchase Invoice In GeniPulse Pharmacy Software

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  • GST Sales Invoice of Pharmacy Software

    Step by step process for creating GST Sales Invoice In GeniPulse Pharmacy Software